About me

C3A06E4C-14B2-4896-BD08-2ACBFD8A6FCCWelcome to “Simplicity in life”! Life is not simple, it’s the opposite, it’s chaotic! But life should be simple, we should be able to do all the things we want to do and enjoy them! Italians say “la dolce vita”, it literally means the sweet life. Ask an Italian the translation of it…they will smile, look around and try to explain to you that it’s a mindset, it’s something you feel from inside! You live life the fullest, happiest and easiest. THAT is what life should be about! That’s why I wrote this blog! I want to share with you the tricks that I learned in these last years of my life to make life simpler! So if you are a young girl or guy living a rush life, enjoying being busy but feeling at the same time like you want to be able to cook something special, find that little nice coffee shop to work into, exploring the city…this blog is for you!

Just me in the parkFirst of all, let me introduce myself…

Hi! I am Parastù I was born and raised in Italy by Iranian parents. I grew up in a lovely family, I fell in love and got married to my childhood crush and I moved to Toronto with him! I was never “the cook” in my family but I love eating and I am picky about food. I mean, it makes sense when you think I come from two strong culinary backgrounds (Italian and Persian). In these last years, I worked a lot on getting to know myself, understanding my limits, learning what I want in life. I came to the conclusion that I want the “ dolce vita,” to live my life to the fullest but, to be able to do that, I had to simplify my life. My recipes are really easy if I can cook or bake it, be sure you can too!